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Muir works with energy and water suppliers to cut household costs for residents

EACH year residents realise their household bills could be reduced as Muir works to identify savings for them.

During 2017, Muir Group Housing has held several cost-cutting events to help residents save money on their utility bills, with some making annual savings of more than £400.

Muir staff have sat down with many residents to access the uSwitch website which compiles current data from electricity and gas suppliers to highlight the best deals.

And the housing association also works with the UK’s largest water company, United Utilities, to see where money can be saved on water bills too.

Wayne Pearson Wayne Pearson (right), from Muir’s Money Advice Team said: “By working in this way we are able to identify potential savings for many residents, helping them to cut the cost of their household bills.

“Muir aspires to be more than just a landlord and this is one example of how we go the extra mile to help our residents.

“The money-saving events we held this year showed residents how we can help them save money in just a few minutes.

“But residents can also visit the uSwitch website themselves to see what savings they can make, or they can call us for help to do that.

Tara Bold Muir Income Services Officer, Tara Bold (left), has recently been working with United Utilities to identify ways in which residents can save money on their water bills.

She said: “Some residents are paying more than they need to for their water, as there are various deals available which they aren’t aware of.

“Lately we have been working with United Utilities, but residents can call their own water supplier to see whether there are different tariffs available based on the amount of water they use.”

Click the following link to access www.uswitch.com

Residents can contact United Utilities to discuss potential savings by calling 0800 072 6765.