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Muir In-Depth Assessment Result

Following our recent In-Depth Assessment by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) we are now have G1/V2 ratings for Governance and Viability.

Since our last review, we have continued to prioritise robust governance and took the decision to invest more in our existing homes and be more ambitious with our programme to develop new homes.

This linked with the current economic operating environment has led to our V2 rating.

Muir Board


Debbie Griffiths, Chair of the Muir Group Board (pictured right) said, “I’m pleased with the G1/V2 outcome of our recent IDA, which reflects our current strategy.

"We recognise the challenging operating environment and, having chosen to maximise our investment in existing and new homes, we have also ensured that we remain financially sound."


The RSH regulates registered providers of social housing to promote a viable, efficient, and well-governed sector, able to deliver homes fulfilling a range of needs.

Muir staff


Muir’s Chief Executive, Catherine Dixson (left) said: “We continue to work hard on maintaining homes and delivering new homes for those that need them; together with improving services for Muir residents. These ratings reflect that."

Muir’s status as a G1/V2 accredited social housing provider was confirmed by the RSH on 27th March 2024