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PROVIDING shared ownership opportunities in rural areas means Homes By Muir help keep communities together amid rising house prices.

Shared ownership provides an affordable option to people wanting to own their own home in an area they love, despite otherwise being priced out of the market.

The cost of buying new homes in rural areas often go beyond the pockets of people who’ve lived there for all their lives – meaning they have to move away from families and friends to fulfil a dream of owning their own home.

Muir staffBut Homes By Muir regularly provide shared ownership homes that help bridge the gap, making home ownership affordable for those with local connections.

“Homes By Muir see the need to help people stay in the areas they love,” Helen Williams, Muir’s Home Ownership Manager (pictured) said.

“Our shared ownership opportunities make staying among family and friends, and owing your own home, a real possibility.

“To help make owning your own home a reality in rural areas, where new properties can come at a premium, is something Homes By Muir really value.

“We’re pleased to say Homes By Muir have had a hand in enabling communities to stay together by making rural living more affordable.”

Muir homes In recent years, Homes By Muir has seen an increase in the number of shared ownership homes being sold off-plan as buyers race to take advantage of opportunities to enjoy the security of owning their own home at a price they can afford.

To learn more about Homes by Muir and how our super shared ownership opportunities can suit you, visit  www.muir.org.uk/shared-ownership