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A RESIDENT says he can live life again after our tenancy support helped maximise his income.

Craig Hobson says he was struggling just to afford life’s essentials before Muir Tenancy Sustainment Officers helped him access benefits which have transformed his outlook.

The 45-year-old Nantwich resident had been surviving on just £400 per month, but now receives benefits that enable him to live more independently.

He also received £600 towards his energy bills and says Muir’s help has made a massive difference.


What Craig said…

“It’s given me a life,” Craig said. “I can live more independently.

Muir resident “Muir’s help has made a big financial difference and I’m not as stressed or worried about things.

“I feel a lot better off, not just financially, but mentally too.

“It means I don’t have to borrow money and it’s taken the pressure off.

“Judith gave me a lot of time and was very patient when she visited me from Muir, because I really struggle making calls or filling forms – she was great.

“My Muir Tenancy Services Officer, Sam Walton, is one of the best I’ve ever had too – she always does her best for me.

“Muir are good in a lot of ways – I’m glad I’m with them.”


Muir resident How we helped…

Muir Tenancy Sustainment Officer, Judith Molony, helped Craig access the British Gas hardship fund which meant he received £600 towards his energy costs.

She also worked with him to ensure repairs to his home were carried out, which Craig says: “were all done to a good standard.”

Judith worked with fellow Tenancy Sustainment Officer, Leigh Mucedola, to complete benefit application forms and make calls to ensure Craig's claim was processed.

Craig has since been awarded Personal Independence Payment (PIP) benefits, meaning the Leeds United supporter can now worry more about his football team’s fortunes, instead of his own.

Our tenancy sustainment support can help you too! Learn more here:  www.muir.org.uk/tenancy-support