Help 4 You - Tenancy and Wellbeing Support

Muir can provide the help you need when times are tough, helping you move forward towards new opportunities and minimising financial worries.

As a Muir resident, you can access support we offer because we want to help you sustain your tenancy.

This means any worries you have about yourself or your home during difficult times can be overcome by working with us to resolve issues in ways you're comfortable with.


Meet our Tenancy Sustainment Officers below and contact them at the bottom of this page.

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 Sustainment support we offer incudes:

  • Enjoy and Achieve – i.e. Volunteer Work, Leisure Activities, Training
  • Be Healthy – i.e. Mental/Physical Health, Addictions, Aids/Adaptations
  • Staying Safe – i.e. Managing Tenancy, Safeguarding, ASB, Probation
  • Making a Positive Contribution – Tenant Involvement at Service Level


We can also help residents with:

  • Understanding and applying for Benefits
  • Sign imageAdvice about increasing fuel costs using National Energy Action accredited training
  • Budgeting
  • Accessing foodbanks
  • Understanding tenancy agreements
  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Obtain funding for everyday essentials such as furniture
  • Understand official letters
  • Support overcoming language barriers
  • Referrals to third-party advisors such as Pennysmart for debt advice
  • And more!


Money management

There are lots of ways you can help yourself, and other places that can provide free debt advice and assistance. Visit to learn more.


To learn more about benefits you may be entitled to, visit:

Learn about reducing energy bills here:


Judith Molony - Cheshire East Region

Muir staff Judith has worked in housing across various customer-facing roles including a local estate office, a social lettings agency, homelessness and housing options and housing support.

She undertands how important a safe, sustainable home is for someone's overall wellbeing and happiness.

Judith is passionate about supporting people facing crisis to resolve issues, helping them to maintain their tenancy.

"I'm always happy to go the extra mile and I love getting to know residents and working with them to help them achieve their goals," Judith said.


Leigh Mucedola - Cheshire West Region

Muir staff Leigh makes a big impact to the lives of residents who benefit from the support he gives them – helping them access services which can change their life.

He provides person-centred support – helping residents with learning difficulties, mental health issues, addictions and more, to tackle things they need a helping hand to resolve.

A mental health support worker for 12 years before joining Muir, Leigh makes sure support you receive is tailored exactly for you.

"I promote independence, but I show people how they can do things and take the first steps together to make them less overwhelming," Leigh said.


Sophie Powter - East Region

Muir staff Sophie has mainly worked in mental health and identifies support for residents to help them overcome difficulties they face.

She is very customer focused and enjoys helping residents to make positive changes in their lives, which can help them sustain their tenancy.

Sophie also previously worked as a Tenancy Sustainment Officer for a charity providing community-based support.

"It's a role that gives you the opportunity to make a real difference to someone’s life," Sophie said.


Daniel Turner - North Region

Muir staffDaniel works to get the best outcomes for Muir residents, having previously worked with a Local Authority in a front-line Homelessness and Temporary Accommodation role.

He has experience supporting people being discharged from hospital (both general needs and mental health), prison, care leavers, people fleeing domestic violence, those with complex needs relating to substance misuse and people with physical or learning needs.

"I feel strongly about supporting residents to try and achieve the best results by working with them, colleagues and partner agencies to sustain tenancies," Daniel said.


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