Help 4 You - Getting Furniture And Appliances

Furniture image We want all Muir residents to have the furniture they need to help make their house a home.

You may need a bed, fridge, freezer, sofa, vacuum cleaner, television or anything else!

If there's something you don't have the money for, you might find similar items in a charity shop near you.

You can also visit the websites below to find furniture you need at cheap prices, or for free.


The Reuse Network is a charity of more than 200 organisations that recycle furniture and white goods for those most at need, all over the UK.

Their website includes a postcode search tool which shows the organisations near you that can help you get the items you need.



End Furniture Poverty also have a great website where you can find cheap, or sometimes free furniture and appliances.

It's available at:


You can also contact Muir's Tenancy Sustainment Officers for FREE support and advice on how Muir's own 'Wellbeing Fund' can help you afford the items you need to make your house a home.

Learn more here: