Reporting Repairs video

Looking after your home is a joint responsibility. Muir is responsible for most repairs to your home.

It is your responsibility to tell us when repairs are needed and you must allow access for the work to be done.

This excludes shared ownership properties (please see the footnote at the bottom of this page).


To report a repair:  

  • Between 8.00am and 6.00pm, Monday to Friday, our Customer Services Team are available to help you. Outside of these hours, our out of hours service is available to help you with any emergencies or general enquiries. Call 0300 123 1222 (textphone: 0300 123 3005).


  • To see what support is available if you need adaptations to help you at home, click here


  • You can now report non-emergency repairs using our online repair reporting tool  by clicking here

If you report a repair by telephone you will need to give the following information to our customer service staff:  

  • Your name
  • The address of property where the repairs are needed
  • A daytime telephone number
  • As much detail about the repair as possible, for example the type of repair, its location, the name of the appliance, or the type of materials
  • Times when you are available for a surveyor to come and identify the type of repair work that is needed and organise for someone to do it, or for the contractors to do the work.
  • If you are an older resident, vulnerable, disabled or have other special requirements.

Your  Repairs Factsheet explains which repairs Muir are responsible for and which are residents' own responsibility.

Target response times  

All repairs are categorised into different response times: 

Target response times
Type of repair Target timescale
Emergency  - To remove immediate danger to people, avoid serious damage to property, make the property secure or restore essential services e.g. water, electricity. Within 24 hours OR within 4 hours, dependant on the nature of the emergency and/or vulnerability
Urgent  - Work that needs to be carried out quickly, to overcome serious inconvenience to the tenant, or to prevent more damage to the property. Within 3 working days
Non urgent  - Work where repair does not cause inconvenience or danger to occupants or the public but should not wait for programmed maintenance.
  • Priority 1 - Within 10 working days.  This is for repairs that are not urgent but are of a greater necessity than routine works
  • Priority 2 - within 20 working days