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OUR latest Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) report is available for you to view now.

The 2022-23 report details our ESG investments in social housing, covering 48 themes across the three ESG areas.

The report includes sub-themes such as zero carbon targets, affordability, safety and resident voice.

This report forms part of Muir’s wider suite of performance reporting which includes its Annual Report, Financial Statements, and National Residents Group Annual Report.

“We’re delighted to provide detail on these areas which helps us demonstrate to customers, funders and other stakeholders how we perform against key criteria,” Catherine Dixson, Chief Executive at Muir said.

“We have plans for significant investment in existing homes and communities and we build good quality new homes, so all our customers enjoy a good quality, safe and affordable home in a great place.”

Colourfully presented with easy to follow facts and figures, resident testimonies and more, you can see exactly how Muir has been investing in ESG, and the impacts of that, as well as our other annual publications by clicking here: www.muir.org.uk/publications