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Annual Report 2016-17                        VfM Statements 2016-17                                        Financial Statements 2016-17

Annual Report 2016-17              Value for Money Statement 2016-17       Financial Statements 2016-17

Annual Report pdf                       VFM Statement 2017.pdf [pdf] 6MB          Financial Statements 2017.pdf [pdf] 4MB                  



Corporate Plan 2016-20                                         Annual Report 2015-16

Corporate Plan 2016-20                            Annual Report 2015-16 

Corporate Plan 2016-20.pdf [pdf] 3MB      Annual Report 2015-16.pdf [pdf] 6MB


VFM 2016                                            Financial Statements 2015-16

Value For Money Statement 2016              Financial Statements 2015-16

VFM Statement 2016.pdf [pdf] 1MB              Financial Statements 2015-16.pdf [pdf] 4MB


Corporate Plan 2014-2017


Corporate Plan 2014-2017


corporateplan2014.pdf [pdf] 4MB




Annual Report 2014-15 - Our Year


Annual Review 2015 Additional


Annual Report 2014-15 - Additional Information


Annual Report 2015 - Additional Information.pdf [pdf] 156KB



Muir Group VFM Statement 2015
Our Value for Money Statement 2015

Annual Report 2014 image


Annual Report 2013-14 - Our Year


AnnualReport2014.pdf [pdf] 160KB





Financial Statements 2015


Financial Statements 2014-2015


Financial Statements 2015.pdf [pdf] 818KB




Financial Statements 2014 image


Financial Statements 2013-2014


financialstatement2014.pdf [pdf] 855KB




Value for Money Assessment 2014


Value for Money Assessment 2014

vfm_statement_2014.pdf [pdf] 2MB




Involving and Empowering People Strategy


Involving People Strategy


Involving People Strategy.pdf [pdf] 88KB




Single Equality Scheme


Single Equality Scheme


Single Equality Scheme.pdf [pdf] 89KB



Customer Service Charter


Customer Service Charter


Customer_Service_Charter_2013.pdf [pdf] 1MB 



Environmental Policy Statement


Environmental Policy Statement


Muir Environmental Policy.pdf [pdf] 339KB