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WE’VE been helping residents tackle fuel poverty with tenancy sustainment support at events in our four regions.

Residents attended our National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day events, with housing teams, tenancy sustainment officers and community partners to help provide support to people wanting to learn more about help we can provide.

Glebe green event 1Teams were providing energy efficiency advice, winter warming packs including blankets, hot water bottles, draft stoppers and hand warmers, free refreshments and in some cases a ‘free to take’ winter clothing rail.

They were also able to tell residents more about the helpful tenancy sustainment service we provide for residents with money worries or other concerns.

Sandybank event“We had a lovely time meeting residents at Glebe Green,” Judith Molony, Muir Tenancy Sustainment Officer said.

“I was able to help residents understand how to cut costs on energy bills and explain more about the support we can provide when times are tough.”

Another event at Sandybank, Northwich, also saw residents receive advice on what to do if they’re struggling with bills.

winter warmer packsLeigh Mucedola, Tenancy Sustainment Officer said: “All residents received a warm winter pack.

“We did some door knocking for those who might have found it too cold on the day and we were able to listen to concerns and explain more about the tenancy sustainment support we provide."

Other Muir events held for National Fuel Poverty Awareness Day included those at Canberra Court in Ramsey and at Brompton Village Hall near Northallerton.

To learn more about how our tenancy sustainment support could help you, click here: https://www.muir.org.uk/tenancy-support

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