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"WHAT a brilliant service - it's helped me massively."

Peter Agutter was homeless before making the move to Muir in August 2023.

The 45-year-old Grantham resident had been sofa-surfing at a friend’s house, but has received lots of help in his new Muir home after our tenancy support enabled him apply for benefits he’s entitled to.

We also helped him get a grant for new kitchen appliances, and £250 towards decorating his house.

Peter, who suffers with a fractured spine, says the help he’s received from our tenancy sustainment team has been “phenomenal”.


What Peter said…

Muir resident “What a brilliant service – it’s helped me massively,” Peter said.

“After everything I’d been through, Sophie was the first person to actually listen to what I needed – she was fantastic.

“Her knowledge and what she does for people is phenomenal.

“Sophie, and my Tenancy Sustainment Officer and Income Officer, Charlotte Gout and Sherralyn Webb, helped make things such a smooth process.

“They’ve made everything so much easier and taken so much stress away.

“I didn’t have anything, but their support has helped make my house a home.

“Muir has really thought about their residents and what they need. I can’t fault the support I’ve had.

“I can’t put into words the difference it’s made – I think a Tenancy Sustainment Service like Muir’s should be available at other housing associations and councils too.

“The contractors have also been great when they’ve visited to deal with any repairs issues too.”


What we did…

Muir Tenancy Sustainment Officer, Sophie Powter (pictured), has been helping Peter apply for benefits we think he’s entitled too – supporting his application.

Muir staff Sophie also secured a funding grant which has helped Peter afford a washing machine and a cooker, as well as other things around the house to help make it a home.

She was able to obtain £250 towards decorating his new home, and put him in touch with a charity that provides refurbished furniture at a fraction of the price.

"Myself and other Tenancy Sustainment Officers at Muir are always available to help residents with money worries, wellbeing concerns and more.

"We've been delighted to help make a difference for Peter and we'd love to help any Muir resident facing difficult times."

Our tenancy sustainment support can help you too! Learn more here: https://www.muir.org.uk/tenancy-support