Buying a resale shared ownership home

Shared Ownership is a great, cost-effective way of getting onto the property ladder.


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  • You can buy the existing share owned by a customer who wishes to sell the share in their home. This will be between 25% and 75%. It may be possible to buy a larger % share.
  • Buying a percentage means you need a smaller deposit and mortgage.
  • You would have a mortgage and pay a monthly rent for the remaining share, which we own.


How do I apply?

Current Shared Owners market their homes for sale via local estate agents. You won’t find them advertised on our website  You'll need to look on individual Estate Agent websites or portals such as or to find these homes. We will provide information for the Estate Agent to advise if any local connection is needed

All viewings and offers should be made via the Estate Agent marketing the property.

We can only progress an 'application to buy' once the existing shared owner has accepted your  offer on the home and we'll require a Memorandum of Sale confirming this from the Estate Agent.

Register for shared ownership by completing an application form here: Shared Ownership Application Form Resales.docx [docx] 299KB

Return it by email to or by post to Home Ownership Team, Muir Group Housing Association Limited, 80 Lightfoot Street, Hoole, Chester CH2 3AL.

We'll then contact you to discuss your application further.



Carry out an affordability check with the independent financial advisor – Metro Finance.

As part of the affordability check they will ask you to provide proof of identity and income, and proof of residency

If you need a mortgage there is no obligation to take out a mortgage with Metro Finance.



You will then need to instruct a solicitor

If you are taking out a mortgage, your mortgage lender will ask us to provide written approval to the mortgage.

Once all the legal work has been carried out, contracts can be exchanged and a completion date set.



The sellers solicitors and your solicitors will agree a completion date and the Estate Agent will arrange to handover the keys once the sale has completed.


Buying extra shares when you purchase a resale home

You may be able to buy more shares at the same time. Let the Estate Agent know if you want to do this. If you want to buy all of the shares up to 100% in one go you would not need to apply for shared ownership.

If you just want to purchase as a shared owner but buy more shares than the existing shared ownership customer owns, you will need to apply as above.

An updated valuation will be needed to confirm how much you would need to pay Muir for the shares.