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YOUR compliance team help make sure you stay safe in your Muir home.

(You can learn more about them below).

Their work focuses on seven main areas and ensures all Muir homes are inspected and serviced properly, according to the law and landlord housing regulations.

Because we care about your safety, we go beyond the basic requirements of these regulations by delivering our own Health and Safety strategy.

This helps improve the safety of your Muir home even further for you and your family.


What this means:

Our compliance team focus on seven areas of safety:

GasElectricWater HygieneFireLiftsAsbestosDamp and Mould

That’s why we regularly inspect and provide information about these for you, in letters, on our website, in newsletters and ‘Muir4You’ emails.

For example, you’ll know about some of this from when we do electrical or gas safety checks in your home – it’s important to allow us access so to reduce the risk of anything going wrong with these things.


Muir staff Meet the compliance team:

Sofia McFadyen (Compliance Manager)

I manage the compliance team, responsible for making sure compliance is followed in all areas.

This includes our compliance framework and making sure it covers best practice, as well regulatory and legislative requirements.

It involves managing contractors, keeping policies and processes up to date, ensuring all compliance data is correct and monitoring performance.


Becky Lloyd (Compliance Officer – Gas and Fire)

Megan Moss (Compliance Officer – Damp and Mould)

Natalie Rees (Compliance Officer – Gas, Electrical and Lifts)

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The compliance officers’ main duties are:

  • Dealing with queries from residents, colleagues and contractors
  • Monitoring our compliance programs e.g. gas servicing
  • Instructing repairs after services and maintenance
  • Reviewing data and processes

For more information on these compliance areas, and other topics, please see our Resident Factsheets at https://www.muir.org.uk/factsheets