Muir has a legal obligation to carry out an annual gas service in your home.

This service is very important. Faulty gas appliances can cause death from undetected smoke fumes. 

Gas hobLandlord Gas Safety Certificates must be renewed every year by a registered Gas Safe engineer.

These compulsory checks, which include inspections of the gas flue and appliance, help to maintain gas safety in Muir homes.

If you have a gas supply at your Muir home, we will write to you with an appointment.

It is very important that you allow the engineer access to perform these vital checks so we can identify any potential risk to you and your family.

Residents will be issued a copy of the Gas Safety Certificate no longer than 28 days following the inspection, so you can be sure Muir is fulfilling its responsibilities to you as your landlord.

Click here to learn more about what happens during Muir's annual gas service.

For more information about gas servicing visit or

*Gas appliances that you have installed are your own responsibility. Always use a Gas Safe  registered fitter.  

Learn more about Gas Safety in your Resident Factsheet by clicking here