Muir will service your stair lift every six months. Servicing will be completed by a specialist lift contractor.

If your lift has not been serviced in the last six months, please contact us on 0300 123 1222.

If you suspect that your lift may be faulty, please call us immediately. Do not us the lift until we have had been to inspect it.



LiftStairlifts will include safety features such as seat belts, harnesses or foot sensors. Your stairlift should have several sensors that will immediately halt the lift if something is detected in its path.

Safety belts or harnesses protect the user, providing peace of mind and security.

Lift speeds are slow and steady. Even during an abrupt halt, your chair should come to a smooth stop without jolting you.

Some lifts are fitted with remote control access, flip-up rails, and curved designs. A remote control allows you to call the chair from either end of the stairway.

Flip-up rails and seats allow the stairlift mechanism to stay out of the way when not in use. Curved designs ensure the chair rests at ground level, out of the way of the stairway path.

If possible stairlifts should not be used in the event of a fire and use should only be considered as a last resort.


What is the maximum weight a stairlift could carry?

Due to the nature of a stairlift, there is a maximum weight limit that the equipment can operate with. As standard, the average maximum limit for a UK stairlift is 25 stone or 160kg.

It is important that the straight or curved stairlift is used by only one person at a time in order to keep the device safe, as well as adhering to the weight guidelines.


Stairlifts are designed for you and should only be used by you.

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