Training and Development

At Muir you will have access to a range of development opportunities that will help you excel in your job and prepare you for your next step.

We encourage all of our people to make the most of the training on offer. Having a skilled workforce means we can provide better services to customers.

  • Induction training gets new recruits up-to-speed with our aims, working practices, and health and safety procedures.
  • Job skills training focuses on the specific capabilities you need to perform well in your role. It includes external courses that ensure you stay informed about developments in your profession.
  • Personal development training teaches you interpersonal skills that are useful in your home life as well as at work.
  • Our management training gives people in junior managerial positions the support they need to progress to the next level. We also give managers the opportunity to complete external courses in management skills.

Training in job-specific professional qualifications is also available as part of our performance management framework.   

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Muir staff

Michael Addison - Treasury and Capital Accountant

"Before Muir, I had no finance experience except for my Association of Accounting Technicians qualification. I was very open in my interview that I wanted to go on to further studies to become a fully qualified accountant.

"Muir offered me a role that would include the support to achieve my goal of becoming qualified.

"I’m currently completing my Association of Chartered Accountant studies and I’m in a role which has developed over time to be both challenging and rewarding.

"I’m enjoying working at Muir and my fellow colleagues are a good bunch and very supportive."

Muir staff

Sophie Whittingham - Development Manager

"Muir were happy to take me on without any previous experience in the industry but since then I've been given lots of opportunities to develop.

"I've learnt a lot on the job and received formal training too, as well as job swaps and shadowing others.

"I've been given the chance to use skills I've learnt in other roles and I'm really enjoying working here."


Muir staff

Megan Moss - Compliance Officer

"I began working at Muir in July 2019 as an Apprentice.

"With the help of the Apprenticeship Scheme and staff members within Muir, I have been able to develop both my knowledge and skills within the Housing Sector, whilst gaining a qualification in Level 2 Housing Practice.

"I became permanently employed by Muir as a Property Services Assistant and have since progressed to become a Compliance Officer.

"Everybody within the team was very welcoming and I am grateful for every opportunity."

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