The role of the Muir Group Board is to set the strategic direction of the Association, monitoring its progress towards those objectives and ensuring that Muir is performing as agreed.

Board members are individually and collectively responsible for pursuing Muir’s best interest.

Muir's Governance Framework describes the responsibilities of the Board, its members and the Executive Management Team in respect of overall governance and strategic management of the organisation.

The principal aims of our Governance Framework is to provide clarity, guidance and ensure decision making routes and powers are clear.

If you would like access to Muir’s public registers, please email: or call us on 0300 123 1222.

Board and Committees structure. Muir Group Board sits at the top of the structure with 5 branches of committees underneath it. The committees are: Group Audit and Risk, People and Governance, Customer Services, National Resident's Group and Muir Property Solutions Ltd.