Meet our Board Members

Muir Group is governed by a Board who safeguard our viability, long-term success and growth in accordance with the law, the constitution, regulatory standards and good practice.

The Board is made up of independent members who attend regular meetings throughout the year. They work with Muir’s National Residents Group (NRG) and other stakeholders to achieve positive outcomes.

Our Board members combine expertise and experience in several different areas, including finance, regeneration, legal, housing, welfare and local communities.

The Board is responsible for by providing insight, direction and constructive challenge, embedding a positive culture with a strong customer focus.

The Board’s purpose is to set Muir’s strategic direction in line with our vision, mission and values.  


  Debbie Griffiths       Debbie Griffiths - Chair


Mrs Susan Kearns


  Susan Kearns - Deputy Chair



Siraz Natha


   Siraz Natha - Chair of Group People and Governance Committee





   Peter McHugh - Chair of Muir Property Solutions Ltd


 Pam Williams

Pam Williams - Chair of Group Audit and Risk Committee



Jan Chillery


Jan Chillery



Robert Fleming


     Robert Fleming



  Board member

 Kalyani Gandhi-Rhodes



Dr David Gardiner


     David Gardiner



Board Member         Philip Ingle


  Board member

 Helen Wordsworth



Muir staff        Catherine Dixson


David Gilburt          David Gilburt - Independent Co-optee