Meet Muir's National Residents Group (NRG)

Muir's National Residents Group (NRG) ensures residents have a greater say in how we work, providing governance while also helping towards service improvement and shaping our future.

NRG members live across all of Muir's four regions - North, East, Cheshire East and Warrington, Cheshire West and Chester.

They attend regular meetings througout the year and work with the Muir Board to achieve positive outcomes.

Their latest Annual Report is available here: NRG Annual Report 2022-23.pdf [pdf] 3MB

You can learn more about Muir's National Residents Group, and apply to become a member by clicking here.

Learn more about your NRG members below!


NRG member Chris Bishop - Cheshire West

I got involved with the NRG because I wanted to be part of Muir's determination to improve their customer experience.

I really enjoy debating the various ways they can do that and giving residents a voice at this level.

Previously a university professor, my other passion is classic cars, working on them and doing them up. 

NRG member Mike Jones - North 

Being part of the NRG is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

It's is a great way to interact with other NRG members and the Muir team.

Formerly an international technical writer, I have a background in military and civilian tasks and worked on football stadiums for more than 20 years.


NRG member Ron Chambers - East

I became part of the NRG because I think it's important to be on board with Muir to represent residents and help make sure things happen the way we'd like them to.

I used to be a chef for many years and I still enjoy cooking as well as travelling and watching rugby.                     

NRG Member Dave Washington - Cheshire East

I joined the NRG to be a spokesperson for residents and to work with Muir on future issues.

I enjoy working with the NRG and discussing with Muir how to help make sure residents get a fair deal and keeping them happy.

My hobbies are spending time on my narrow boat and renovating classic cars and motorcycles.

Sue Kearns - Cheshire East NRG Member

I want to make a difference for Muir residents and the houses we live in.  I'm passionate about residents having a voice within the planning and development of Muir homes, and improving communication between Muir and residents.

I enjoy coming together with other residents and being able to make positive changes in areas like Anti-Social Behaviour, complaints and more. It's good to be able to see things from Muir’s point of view and from that of residents. 

I'm passionate about helping people and am involved in volunteer work which takes me out into the community where I can connect with people of all backgrounds and communities.

I also enjoy all things crafty.  I bake and decorate cakes and crochet which gives me a lot of joy.

NRG member Julie Podmore - Cheshire West

I joined the NRG to help make sure residents had a spokesperson to look after their interests.

I enjoy working alongside the other NRG members and also make time for crafting and spending time with my family.


NRG member Malcolm Campbell - North

I applied to join the NRG so I can help my community and support Muir with their ongoing strategies and improvements.

I enjoy having friendly but serious discussions about agenda items and I like to ensure residents are treated fairly.

I'm a senior martial artist and love teaching young members. I also enjoy reading, particularly history.

Blank profile pic Rob Laidler - North

I applied for a role on the NRG after hearing about the position from my Tenancy Services Officer.

I enjoy hearing from others, their ideas on how we can improve how things are run, and what might be missing from Muir's plans.

In my free time, I help organise domino drives and play dominoes to raise money for charity.


Muir board member Tony Okotie - Muir Board Member

Tony has worked in the voluntary sector for over 20 years and is currently the Director of Impact at BBC Children in Need, with responsibility for leading the charity’s grants teams and grant programmes across the UK.

Before joining BBC Children in Need he held CEO roles at Liverpool CVS and Community and Voluntary Action Tameside.

Tony holds a master’s degree in Voluntary Sector Management, and is an experienced Non-Executive Director, having held roles as trustee and chair of various voluntary organisations and as a non-executive Director within the NHS for thirteen years.