Meet the members of Muir's National Residents Group

Muir Group Housing Association's National Residents Group was formed in 2018.

It's designed to help residents have a greater say in how Muir operates, helping provide governance while also helping to drive service improvement and shape the Association's future.

Group members live across all of Muir's four regions - North, East, Cheshire East and Warrington, Cheshire West and Chester.

They attend regular meetings througout the year and work with the Muir Board to achieve positive outcomes.

Their latest Annual Report is available here: NRG Annual Report 2020-21.pdf [pdf] 9MB

If you want to learn more about Muir's National Residents Group, and apply to become a member, please click here.

To learn more about the members, click on their pictures below!


         Chris Bishop - Cheshire West                          Hilary Matheson - East                             Sean Simpson - North

  NRG member      NRG member       NRG member                    


                Mike Jones - North                                      David Perry - North                                      Ron Chambers - East

  NRG member       NRG member      NRG member       


              Linda Pashley - Cheshire West                       Muir Board Members

    NRG member   NRG member  NRG member

                                                                               Sue Kearns      Kalyani Gandhi-Rhodes