Value for Money


One of the most important considerations for Muir and our customers is that we provide services that are Value for Money (VfM).

VfM is embedded in our Corporate Plan and across the Association.


What is Value for Money?

We believe VfM is about achieving the right balance between the three ‘E’s’- Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness. This means spending less, spending well and spending wisely. 

  • Economy is the price paid for what goes into providing a service.
  • Efficiency is a measure of productivity or how much is gained from what is put in.
  • Effectiveness is a measure of the impact achieved and can be both qualitative and quantitative.

VfM is high when there is an optimum balance between all three 'E’s'; relatively low costs, high productivity and successful outcomes. This can be seen in the VfM flow chart below: 

Value for Money Chart. Three top level boxes labelled: Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness. Line below economy shows costs and inputs. Line below efficiency shows inputs and outputs. Line below effectiveness shows quantitative and qualitative, as well as outcomes.


What are we doing?

Our main areas of expenditure are regularly cost tested to ensure they provide VfM. We have a programme of continuous improvement reviews which examine the services we provide in terms of cost, process, customer expectations and demands, customer satisfaction and performance.

We regularly compare our costs to other social housing providers to see where we can improve. We train staff to ensure they understand the importance of VfM and how to identify ways Muir can improve services. 


How can you help us achieve VfM?

Do you have any ideas or suggestions for how we can improve VfM? If so we want to hear from you.

Please  Contact Us to share your ideas.