Mutual exchanges


Muir residents have the right to apply to exchange properties with another Muir resident, or a resident of another social landlord (i.e. housing association or local council), unless you have a starter tenancy.




Muir has partnered with Homeswapper to provide this service for free for all residents.

Homeswapper is the UK’s largest website database of properties listed by residents of housing associations and social landlords looking to swap homes. Residents can register their details and advertise their homes on the website.

Homeswapper matches the residents requirements with other properties registered on the website and contacts the tenants by email or text alerts.

A swap may be a quicker way of moving than waiting for a transfer and provides a greater choice of areas to consider.

For more information go to or call Muir on 0300 123 1222.


A few comments from some of our residents who have found success through HomeSwapper:

"I wasn't on HomeSwapper for more than two days and when I got a phone call. We're now looking into moving back nearer our family and couldn't be happier"

"I have done a three-way swap, and it turned out the woman's house i swapped into was an old next door neighbour from two years ago. It was hard work doing it as a three-way swap but we're all happy and all looking forward to settling into our new houses and have all become friends as well."

"Lady was looking to swap to my area so her son could be closer to his school and I wanted to swap so my daughter was closer to hers."

"We found a three-way swap thanks to HomeSwapper and now we are closer to the family. Thank you."


If you have found an interested party to swap with, you can download a copy of our application form.

Mutual Exchange Application Forms [doc] 91KB

Mutual Exchange Guidance Notes [doc] 64KB

Mutual Exchange Property Standard [docx] 146KB