Paying Your Rent

Payment of rent in advance is a standard requirement of our tenancy agreements.

We encourage residents to be a month in credit on their rent account where possible, even if you claim Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

Your rent is due weekly, every Monday, unless you have made an agreement with us to pay fortnightly, four weekly, or on a calendar month basis.

If you are worried about paying your rent, please get in touch with us and we will do what we can to help.

You may be entitled to claim Housing Benefit / Universal Credit if you are unemployed or on a low income.

Claiming Housing Benefit / Universal Credit and paying your rent is your responsibility.

Online banking image

Eight ways to pay your rent 

  1. Online banking.  You can do this by quoting your rent account number as the reference and using our bank details as follows.  Sort Code: 30-00-00.  Account number: 00262919.
  2. Via the internet at: with your rent payment card.
  3. Allpay logo Via the allpay App, The allpay App is free to download from your Apple or Android smartphone and enables you to pay your bills quickly and easily at the touch of a button
  4. Direct Debit. You can find a direct debit form here. You can also set-up your Direct Debit over the phone by calling us on 0300 123 1222.
  5. Over the counter at any store with a PayPoint facility using a rent payment card (for cash payments).
  6. Debit card image Over the counter at all post offices with a rent payment card (by cash, cheque or debit card).
  7. We accept cheques and postal orders at all area offices, but please allow three working days for the payment to reach your account. All cheques and postal orders should be made out to Muir Group Housing Association and have your tenant reference number and address on the back to make sure that the money reaches the right account. Please do not send cash in the post.
  8. Standing Order. Contact your Income Services Officer on 0300 123 1222 for details.


Advice and Information

Muir has specialist Income Services Officers to deal with all rent and benefit issues and advice. If you have any concerns, queries or questions then don't hesitate to contact your Income Services Officer on 0300 123 1222.



We will provide you with an easy to understand rent statement four times per year.  Statements show your current rent and charges, payments we have received, as well as your balance.  If you have any queries about your rent statement, please contact us.  You can request a statement at any time.



How do I calculate my monthly rent?

The calculation to use is:

The weekly rent, divided by 7 (to give a daily charge), x 365 (days of the year) or 366 if it’s a leap year, divided by 12 (months)


Weekly rent is £100

£100 divided by 7 = £14.29

£14.29 x 365 = £5214.29

£5214.29 divided by 12 = £434.52

£434.52 is the monthly payment.


What is a service charge and what does it cover?

A service charge is a payment made towards the costs of providing and maintaining services beyond the benefit of occupation of the home.  In other words, your rent covers the fundamental structure of the accommodation provided and any service benefit beyond that is deemed to be service charge.

Please note that the total rent you pay to Muir Group is made up of a net rent amount plus a total service charge which is called a ‘fixed’ service charge.

This weekly total rent amount is what you agreed to when you took on the property and signed your tenancy agreement.  You will note from your tenancy agreement that your total fixed service charge covers the following items:  communal lighting, landscaping, smoke detector testing and the administration of these services. 


How do I claim a refund from my rent account?

You will first need to check if you are entitled to a refund, by speaking to an Income Services Officer. Call them on 0300 123 1222.


What happens if I get into rent arrears?

Please contact us as soon if you feel you are struggling to pay your rent.  If you owe us rent and you do not contact us or respond to any of our letters, phone calls, emails, texts or home visits, we will take action to recover the money. This could result in you losing your home.
Our aim is to help you manage your rent account and make payments in a responsible manner.

If you fall behind with rent, your Income Services Officer will assess your circumstances and develop a repayment plan with you.

If you continue to fall behind we will have no choice but to take legal action against you.


Why have I got a letter?

Receiving a letter about your arrears, means you need to get in touch straight away, as the expected payment has not been received. There could be a number of reasons for this so it's important you speak to your Income Services Officer to discuss what happened. We can help by identifying why you have received this letter, and how it can be prevented in the future.


If I get a Notice Seeking Possession what do I need to do?

This document is the first legal step towards you losing your home. The Notice will explain that if the debt is not paid Muir can start court proceedings to take possession of your home. It is important you contact us immediately if you receive a Notice, so that we help you to resolve this matter.


What do I have to do to stop court action?

If you are struggling to keep up with your rent payments, it is important that you contact us straight away so that we can help. We have free money advice available and our Income Services Officers are also available to advise you.


Do I have to go to court?

It is in your best interest to attend court as you may have the opportunity to speak to a free duty solicitor before your hearing. The solicitor may go through your income and expenditure, the same as one of our Money Advisors, and will advise you of an amount deemed you have to pay off the arrears. They may also represent you in the court hearing itself. If you cannot attend, it is important that you speak to your Income Services Officer who will make you aware of the type of possession order we will be asking for on the day of the hearing.