Service Charges

Your lease will set out the services Muir is required to provide and which you are required to pay towards. For example:

  • Grounds maintenance of unadopted shared areas
  • Cleaning communal hallways
  • Communal lighting
  • Buildings insurance
  • Door entry system maintenance 

Variable service charges are reviewed annually. We charge you an amount that is our best estimate of what the services will cost over the year.

Charges normally change from 1st April and are payable by 28th April. You will be sent an invoice detailing a breakdown of the charges and a cover letter explaining how the charges are payable.

We will send you a summary statement of the actual costs in September each year – within six months of the end of our financial year. The statement will show you the difference between the estimate that the charges were based on and the actual expenditure, and the resulting surplus or deficit.

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