Everyone needs good neighbours, but from time to time, relations can breakdown.

Neighbours fall out for a variety of reasons - over noise, differences in lifestyles, pets, parking, or the upkeep of communal areas.

In most cases, these problems can be solved by simply talking to each other. However, we appreciate that some issues may need to be resolved in a different manner.

If these differences are not resolved quickly then these issues can fester and escalate.

If your dispute continues we can refer you to an independent professional mediation service, such as Manchester Mediation Services or Cambridge and District Community Mediation Service. The mediators will not take sides and aim to help find a solution that suits everyone.


How does mediation work?

If you agree to it:

  • A trained and experienced mediators will visit you at a time that suits you. They'll listen to your point of view and discuss the difficulties you're having.
  • They will meet with the person or people you're in dispute with to hear their point of view too. They won't ask for evidence, take sides, or make decisions for you.
  • The mediator will work with everyone to draw up an agreement to help you live together peacefully. This agreement is purely voluntary - it's not a contract or legally bonding.

Mediation is voluntary. If you are not happy you can pull out of it at any point.

If you would like further information about the Mediation process, please speak to your Tenancy Services Officer or contact Muir directly on 0300 123 1222.