Report ASB


As a result of the feedback from residents, we commit to improved communication those reporting ASB, setting out a realistic action plan and agreeing frequency of contact with a named person and those involved in an ASB case.

We are committed to sustainable communities and will be using a range of measures to support this.

These include:

  • Good Neighbour Agreements
  • Early interventions such as mediation and Acceptable Behaviour Agreements
  • Working in partnership with the police and other agencies to support initiatives like ‘Street of the Week’
  • Regularly advertised scheme inspections/estate walkabouts and promoting where we have successfully resolved ASB cases


What should I do?

You can report any issues relating to ASB, neighbour disputes, domestic abuse or hate crime by the following ways:


  • Online

By filling out our ASB reporting form


  • Phone

Customer Services Team – 0300 123 1222 (24 hours)

Text relay service: 18001 0300 123

Text (SMS): 07537 404 678


  • Email


  • In person

By appointment at one of our area offices or, if you would like a member of staff to meet with you, this can be completed in your own home or somewhere neutral such as a local café.


  • Third party

You may wish for a third party, such as your local councillor, MP, or other agency, to contact Muir on your behalf.



What information should I include?

When you are making a report of anti-social behaviour, please remember to include:

  • What type of incident has happened (e.g noise nuisance, verbal abuse etc)
  • Where, when and what time did the incident happen
  • The name and address of the person(s) causing the problem?
  • If the issue has been reported to police
  • You can use 'The Noise App' on your mobile phone to easily record and submit evidence of noise nuisance. See how to do this here: The Noise App Public Information - We're Muir.pdf [pdf] 610KB


Where there are instances of criminal behaviour or activity, you should also report incidents to the police for non-emergencies call 101. Alternatively you can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


What happens next?

ASB Reporting response times

ASB Reporting

High Priority


  • Hate Crime (harassment because of race, religion, disability or sexuality)
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Incidents of violence including threats of violence and harassment
  • Assault
  • Physical assault by an animal
  • Cuckooing
  • Criminal damage


24 hours



  • Verbal abuse/intimidation
  • Misuse of communal areas, public spaces
  • Alcohol related
  • Drug misuse and drug dealing
  • Arguing and shouting
  • Vandalism
  • Prostitution
  • Pet and animal nuisance
  • Fly tipping
  • Noise nuisance


7 working days



  • When you report an incident to us, we will appoint a case officer to investigate. We will listen to you and discuss what you would like to see done, while explaining what we can do.
  • You will be asked to complete incident diaries to help your case officer build a clear picture of the issue.
  • If you need additional support, we will agree an action/support plan with you detailing how we will deal with the case, including contact arrangements and the responsibilities of each party.
  • We will be clear about if and how we can tackle an issue raised as an ASB complaint. If we do not feel it falls within the remit of the ASB policy, we will discuss this with you and advise how else it could be resolved.
  • We may need to work in partnership with other agencies to resolve an issue. This might include contacting Police or the Local Authority. If a referral to another agency needs to be made, we will let you know.
  • We aim to empower people to deal with things themselves. If neighbours fall out we know that agreeing a solution between themselves sticks faster than anything we might impose. This may include a referral to a mediator.
  • We will look at other ways, such as issuing a warning or looking for a written commitment about future behaviour, such as an Acceptable Behaviour Contract or Good Neighbourhood Agreement.

If these options don't resolve the situation, we will look at the legal powers available and select a course of action to help provide a solution.

We will always provide support for you. We will agree how often we will contact and update you.