Buildings Insurance

As a shared owner, it is a requirement of your shared ownership lease that we insure the property and you pay for this as part of your monthly service charge.

If  Muir own the freehold of your home, we have responsibility for insuring the property.

We insure your home on our block policy against risks such as fire, flood and escape of water for example.

TMuir homeshere will be an excess payable by you for each claim made. Contact details to make a claim and the excess amount payable by you if you make a claim can be found in the Summary of Cover: Summary of Cover 2024-25.pdf[pdf] 235KB

If you live in an apartment and Muir does not own the freehold of the building, the insurance will be provided by another managing agent.

We will have provided this information to you when you moved into the property. If you are unsure please contact us by calling 0300 123 1222.

All customers need to arrange separate contents insurance.

Muir do not own the freehold of some apartments and therefore do not insure the building. A managing agent arranges the insurance and you will pay for this as part of your service charge.

You will need to contact the managing agent directly if you need to make an insurance claim. Click here for contact details:  Building Insurance Contacts.pdf [pdf] 74KB