Meet Your North Housing Team

Don't hesistate to contact Muir's North Team on 0300 123 1222 if you need support. They'll be happy to hear from you.


Muir staffJoanne Commons - Community Housing Manager

I really enjoy being part of a great team, tackling changes and challenges and ensuring we provide the best service we can to our residents in North Yorkshire and Lancashire.

Before becoming the North Team's Community Housing Manager, I worked predominantly on rent arrears and income.


Muir staff Liz Christian - Tenancy Services Officer

Covering Burnley, Colne, Blackpool, Bradford and Brompton, I'm proud to be able to help our residents sustain their tenancies by aiding them with their rent accounts.

I feel so lucky to work for an organisation that truly puts the customer firstand have previously worked in Housing for the Local Authority and the Ministry of Defence.

Muir staffKenny Haslam - Income Services Officer

I pride myself on being understanding, friendly and approachable and I get out of the office as much as possible to meet our residents face-to-face.

I have various experience from working within the Housing sector, including income services officer, customer services, neighbourhood management and regeneration.


Muir staff Rebecca McKiernan - Tenancy Services Officer

The areas I manage are Sutton in Craven and Keighley, Colne and Nelson, Burnley, Bradford, North Yorkshire and Brompton.

I enjoy getting out and about and meeting Muir residents and achieving positive results for them.

I work in a good team in Muir’s North region who are very much geared towards helping the communities they represent.

I like helping to house people and seeing how they’ve been able to progress with the support we offer.

Muir staff Barbara Stephenson - Tenancy Services Officer

I love working for Muir and have become close to many of my colleagues who are brilliant.

I have got to know many residents really well in my role covering the Blackpool area and I think this makes my job easier and offers them a very consistent service.

Dealing with new-build scheme is so exciting as nearly everyone who moves in has come from something a lot worse and they are keen to change their lives for the better. Being a part of that process is very fulfilling.

Muir provides a lot of care and support to residents and it feels good when you can actually see the difference you can make for people in need.